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Peluché - Utopia Village EP (CD / 12" Vinyl)

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RIPMAN020- Peluché : "Utopia Village"
- Digital Download (on release day)




1. Family
2. Step To The Mark
3. Johnny
4. Swim
5. Interlude
6. Muchachito

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Peluché have shared details of their debut EP ​U​to​pia Village, which is to be released on 25th November 2016, via RIP Recordings on 12” vinyl, CD and digital.

The EP was recorded at RIP Studios, Camden, with the songs that make up the release the last to be recorded in the studio; now due to become a luxury office space. Thus, for the band, the EP stands as a collection of memories of their time spent there, and of artistic endeavour amidst the shrinking independent cultures of London.

It also marks the musical maturing of a band truly exploring their sound. Coming after a string of commended singles in ‘Ohio’, ‘Sin’ and ‘The Guy With the Gammy Eye’ earned the band plaudits, due to the respective tracks’ multi-instrumental and genre-spanning edge, the band’s debut EP ​Utopia Village is another statement of intent from a band honing in on their sound whilst still managing to retain a musical unpredictability.

Opener ‘Family’ provides a perfect example: maintaining their propensity for dreamy, shimmery soundscapes, as recently noted by ​The Guardian​, the track then demonstrates Peluché’s ability to turn a song on its head completely, quicken the pace and seemingly effortlessly cut through with hooky bass, rhythmic guitar and inventive vocal harmonies.

‘Johnny’ follows suit. Similarly multilayered; this time swapping out pulsating rhythm for solemn keys, clarinet and unfeigned vocals, the track flags another musical journeying for the band and their varied song-writing palette - closing the ‘first half’ of the EP.
Speaking on the release, the band explain:
“We are very proud of this EP. It’s our first collection of songs, which we have written and self-produced. The first half represents feelings of commitment and attachment; the way that people can feel connected in positive and negative polarities. The second half is about taking a chance and breaking free. We were fueled by papaya and pumpkin seeds during the recording process, we woke up early and went to bed early”

‘Swim’, the​ b​and’s preview offering from ​Utopia Village,​ is something of a signifier of that. The intricacy in the song’s mostly-hi-hat centered drumming, illuminative cascading keys and ever-captivating bass line groove is possibly Peluché at their tightest yet. Even so: rhythmic changes, chant-like dual vocals and hypnotic clarinet soon sound during the track’s elevating bridge and, in signature Peluché fashion, catches you off guard.

Despite the band now being turfed out from their chosen rehearsal / recording space for the second time, they remain undeterred, determined to continue making music, with ​Utopia Village outlining the band’s most rounded output to date despite circumstance. The band explain:
“For the three of us, our sacred little triangle of hope and happiness is growing. We have such an emotional tie to playing music that we keep going through setbacks and struggles, ignoring most people's advice about what we "should" be and staying true to our ideas. All this has only made us stronger in what we do - we write without trying to sound like anything or be part of any particular scene. Our songs are for everyone, all we want is for others to enjoy our music and to be inspired to create.”

Peluché ​are Rhapsody, Amy & Sophie